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Hello Shinobis,

Unfortunately on the 28th of Feb 2022, our servers were compromised allowing the intruders access to Ninja Fantasy's deployer wallet.

It is confirmed that the hacker ( has sold all the tokens and has withdrawn all of the BNB from the main wallet of Ninja Fantasy. We understand your frustration and anger, as community and players have always been important to us.

The hacker's wallet is public and with even a small bit of investigation one can find out that this hacker has hit several games and wallets in the past. We are trying to file official complaints wherever possible. We request you to help us in this tough time to track down the hacker. We at Ninja Fantasy have always tried our best to be transparent with our investors. We request you to take your time to go through the transactions and patterns of the wallet to which all the funds were transferred.

The Ninja Fantasy team takes full responsibility for this security breach as it should have never happened. However, this unfortunate event has caused unimaginable losses for the entire team. We have lost an incredible amount of capital because of this hack.

We do not want our players to suffer any more losses because of our mistake. Our team has been working hard to restore access of players' accounts to allow everyone to withdraw their funds. You can go to Withdraw section and withdraw funds. We are always committed to our community and with the small little funds we have left, we want to make sure that everyone gets back their tokens.

It is uncertain as to what will happen in the future. We are leaving the transactions and wallets links below for everyone to see and investigate:

What does this mean for the NFS team?

Due to a security breach, the owners of Ninja Fantasy have lost a huge sum of money. We call for the help of our community to assist us in tracking down the hacker.

Have I lost all my tokens?

No, your tokens are still in your account. You can withdraw them by going to the Withdraw page.

What will happen to NFS in future?

We are not sure what will happen in the future as we have lost our funds but we will try to make sure the community gets back their share of investments.

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